Monday, April 2, 2012

Applebee's Copycat Blondies

Surprisingly, blogging is quite fun! I dig out a recipe from my recipe book and get out the ingredients. Then I start pouring, measuring, and baking, along with taking pictures each step of the way. (You have no idea how dirty my camera gets while I'm baking. I clean it about every 5 minutes!) Then I put my creation in the oven and wait... then it's done! I upload the pictures to the computer and write something underneath, so you don't fall asleep. Then I  go searching for a victim to try it. Fun, right? Well even if you don't think so, I do. =)
The Ingredients.

Stir, stir, stir it up, stir! That's a Hershey's song just by some very remote chance you didn't know.
Come to my house Goldilocks, I have the perfect thing for you!
 It's not too dark or too light, but it's just right.

I really like taking pictures outside,
just as long as a bird doesn't decide to do his business I'll be fine. =)

A very ladylike portion of ice cream.
I asked my dad if he wanted it,
but he said there wasn't enough ice cream on top!
  I doubled this recipe and baked it in a 13x9 pan and it turned out fine. I got this recipe here. I really need to stop making her recipes, but they're just sooo good! I guess others agree with me because she has 7,084 members! Wow, that's a lot. Maybe I'll have that many someday...maybe. But for now I'll be perfectly content with the faithful 15 that I have. =)

GB2- God Bless, Go BAKE!!!

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  1. LOL, I can just picture Jeremy saying the same thing about the ice cream serving as well. :)


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