Sunday, June 10, 2012

Peanut Butter Chocolate Dessert

A couple of weeks ago my mother told me that my Philippine Lolo and Lola, where coming to visit us! But when you tell a girl someone is coming for lunch, then she'll usually ask why they're coming. And then when you tell her why they're coming, she'll usually ask when they're coming. And when you tell her when they're coming, she'll loudly declare that she must make a dessert. And when you tell her it must be a yummy dessert, she grabs her recipe, ingredients, and camera, and gets right to work. This is what happens when you tell a girl that her favorite (and only) Lolo and Lola our coming.

The Ingredients

Peanut Butter...the guest I gave this to HATES peanut butter,
but he was a good sport and finished everything on his plate.

This was by far the best part, for most of us that is. ;)

After a little convincing, we (finally) got him to eat it. Besides the occasional gagging when he got a big bunch of peanut butter, he loved it.

And when you tell people that they're going to be in a picture and they can
 make any pose they want to...they smile. At least most of the time.
In case you didn't get the little hints along the way, Lolo HATES peanut butter.

And of course when a girl is finished baking, she blogs about it...and shares little details about it too, like this is a perfect Father's Day dessert. It has lots of manly food like chocolate and peanut butter. Although it may be desirable for pregnant women too with all the chocolate involved!.

And here is the guide to making this, the recipe.

GB2- God Bless, Go BAKE!!!


  1. Hello Gracey, your dessert looks so decadent!
    Have a nice week my friend and always have fun!


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