Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Scream Cheese Brownies

So, the Giants won The World Series and if you lived around here that's a really big deal!!! This brownie was partially in honor of the big win and partially in honor of the fall season and mostly because it was my turn to bring snacks to an event.  This recipe was perfect because it calls for orange food coloring which is very fall-like AND one of the Giants' colors.  (For those of you who don't really follow baseball, like me, the San Francisco Giants wear orange and black, and sometimes the catcher wears orange-looking nail polish!)  SO this brownie is a delicious, multi-purpose dessert which could be made for whatever reason you can come up with or just because you're hungry!

The Ingredients

And, here comes the orange food coloring.

The batter layered in the pan. It's all Battered up
Sorry, I couldn't resist especially with this baseball theme going on here..=p

It's a swirling sensation!

I found this recipe on the blog The Girl Who Ate Everything.  Catchy title, huh?!?  You can find the recipe here.  I don't know much about The World Series or baseball in general, but I do know how to make the brownies to celebrate!  PS - Did you know that there's a reason why the catchers sometimes wear bright nail polish???  It's so the pitcher can see his signals in the San Francisco fog.  There's some useless information that might just help you on a game show one day!

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