Thursday, October 25, 2012

Maybe a Cookie or a Break or Both?

Wait?!?! You're blogging about this??
  When I first started off with this blog, I thought to myself, "okay, chex mix is pretty basic, I'll just write about that." But then I kept thinking to myself, "cookies, cakes, brownies, what other dessert is there to make?!?!" But then I did some searching and found that there are A LOT of desserts out there!!!  And there are new recipes being made every single day!  But...after all this research I found that most people don't write about the basic stuff, just the fancy-schmancy stuff that takes a lot of time, patience, and ingredients! So I thought it was time to get basic, REALLY BASIC, and put my little sister to work on some "pop'em in the oven" cookies.  Yeah, I'm talking "ready-to-bake" fuss, no mess, get-er-done dessert!  The oven warms up the house, the smell warms up the senses, and the cookies warm up our stomachs.

Believe it or not Anna photo-bombed this picture, it turned out nicely though. 

The Ingredient!

The secret to keeping them fluffy is to make sure
they have time to cool, at least my sister believes this.
And if you just can't wait, turn on the fan to help speed things up a bit. 

I apologize if this post was a bit too basic or culinary boring for you, but little kids have to start somewhere.  And hang in there because I've got some unusual fall recipes coming up...really cool stuff like candy corn cupcakes, scream cheese brownies, pumpkin cheesecake, and no-fry cinnamon donut holes. Soooo excited for the fall baking season, now do you see why I took a quick break in between? Anyway, stay tuned!!!


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  1. As fun as fancy is...these really do just hit the spot sometimes!! :)


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