Monday, October 15, 2012


Would you like one?
I absolutely LOVE to try out new recipes but unfortunately my siblings aren't always happy about this. You see, they LOVE the tried and true desserts such as chocolate chip cookies, coffee toffee bars, and all the "proven to be good" stuff.  I usually save those recipes to take to events and then I do all of my experimenting on the family!  My blog would get pretty boring if all I wrote about is how I made chocolate chip cookies, but here is a recipe that turns some basic ingredients into a yummy dessert.  Who knows, maybe it will even fall into the "tried and true" category.  You decide...

The Ingredients

*Spoiler Alert!* They turned out a bit crunchy!
I'm giving my Dad's teeth a good work-out! =)

This is probably the step where I messed up.
It's hard to concentrate, when you're taking a picture,
 reading the next step, and trying to make sure nothing sticks to the pan...

Chocolate and the "secret" ingredient - butterscotch.

Super happy that I got a picture with her even though she didn't get to try one.  

Here is the recipe.
Sometimes when I run out of time for a writing assignment, or can't think of an ending, I'll end the paper with, "After everything we've just discussed I'll let you, the reader, draw your own conclusions."  So, I'm running out of time to finish this post, guess how it well end? "After everything we've just discussed, I'll let you, the reader, decide if you want to make this or not..." =)


  1. This is awesome! Especially the pictures! :D

    1. Why Thank you!
      Got excited when I found out who the author of the comment was! =)

  2. Oh yum! These look great! I have a weakness for butterscotch - so cool that u added some in here :)Ur ending made me LAUGH!!!!!


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