Monday, September 17, 2012

Blackberry Bars


Some things are learned the hard way. Sometimes I feel like the only way I learn is the hard way, like the time I accidentally burned down the house. It was bad. The smoke filled the house, and I was coughing as if I had an asthma attack. Also, my ears were ringing from the smoke alarm.

 Fortunately, this recipe is a whole lot easier and calmer. This time, most of the noise around here was from laughter. =)

The Ingredients + Amy, this ingredient is very hard to find.

We had three options for this part: food processor, blender, or manpower.
We decided on woman power. =)

Tea, a drink with ^jam^ and...crust. That will bring us back to...

The recipe! This girl also came up with the "Fourth of July Flag Cake."

 BTW, If you go to acronym, they actually have my definition of GB2 on's on the very bottom, but at least it's there

(Amy, sorry this took soooo long to post.) =(

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  1. These look great Gracey! :) So sweet to have someone to help you bake up a storm!


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